W.N.J. Europe seated in Poland is an exclusive agent of ZHEJIANG OMNIPOTENT SPRING MACHINE Co. Ltd Dongguan Vinston Automation Co. Ltd in Europe.

Our plants in China employ approximately 400 people including many skilled engineers and technicians who who look after the quality of our machines.

Our machines have a quality certificate ISO 9001-2000 and CE safety certificate.
Long-time experience, knowledge and engagement enabled us to create the series of machines which is appreciated and rewarded all over the world. Our machines are equipped with Japanese and Taiwanese subassemblies. In our machines we use
Japanese SANYO servomotors and controllers of a well-known and appreciated company HUST. We have a long experience in spring manufacturing which helps us to adjust the product to the customer’s needs. We have already been trusted by many customers in Europe.
Very good quality, attractive price and easiness of handling make our machines the most attractive offer on European market.